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Quality Control

Eugene Sand & Gravel’s Quality Control Laboratory is a full service lab. Products tested are aggregates, asphalt, cement and concrete. Services include proctors, density testing for aggregates and asphalt, QCT and CCT for ODOT projects. The QC Lab is ODOT certified.

The Quality Control Lab does process control on the aggregates to meet ODOT 540 specifications. This includes sampling at regular intervals. Tests performed on the aggregates are gradations, sand equivalents, specific gravity, absorption, wood particles and dry rodded weights.

Eugene Sand & Gravel does their own asphalt mix designs using the Marshall Method. The QC Lab has certified personnel to perform density testing on the asphalt. Other tests performed on the asphalt are oil content, gradation, rice and specific gravity.

QC Lab personnel are certified to do concrete testing per ODOT specifications. This includes sampling, slump, air contents, unit weights, temperature and cylinder and beam testing (compression and flexural). The QC Lab is setup to do special test for shrinkage of concrete. The QC Lab does parallel testing, on Eugene Sand & Gravel's commercial and residential projects.