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Company History

Eugene Sand & Gravel has been bringing quality sand and gravel products to our community for over one hundred years. We've been "Rockin' Lane County since 1900."

In the late 1800's our facilities were located in what is now Skinner's Butte Park, on the south bank of the Willamette River. Back then; aggregates were extracted from the active river channel and were processed there on site. Each winter's floods replenished a supply of new aggregates.
After operations were discontinued at this site, it was restored (reclaimed). Many of our former operations areas are now some of Eugene's favorite places, like Skinners Butte Park.
Many of Eugene's concrete streets were built in the early 1920's with sand and gravel products provided by Eugene Sand & Gravel. Most of these streets remain in service today and continue to provide long lasting service.
We are proud of our long history as an equal opportunity employer but are not sure this uniform from 1911 would meet current OSHA regulations.
In the early 1900's, operations moved a mile upstream and were located at the end of East end of Eighth Street. Initially aggregates came from the river channel but as our community grew, so did the demand for sand and gravel products.
New upland sites then provided additional raw aggregates resources. The Alton Baker Park area, the Autzen Stadium area, the Valley River Center area, and the Delta Ponds area all provided aggregates to our community until the early 1960's.
It's the natural progression of our industry to use up the aggregate resource in an area, reclaim the land to another use and then move on to a new area. We've done this at least six times during our history. Alton Baker Park as it looks today was a former operations area of our company.
As our community grew, the demand for our products continued to increase and in the mid 1960's we moved to our current location located at the intersection of the Delta Highway and Beltline.
Since then our aggregates have been produced from areas upland of the confluence of the McKenzie River and the Willamette River.
Today, our resource area is being reclaimed concurrent with our mining operation creating a rich wildlife and natural habitat area.
  Oldcastle Materials purchased Eugene Sand & Gravel in 2007. Oldcastle Material Group is the number 1 asphalt producer, 3rd largest aggregate producer, and one of the top 5 ready mixed concrete producers in the United States.